Cotswold Cream Block Limestone

A Cotswold Limestone cream block bed with medium grain texture

Highly consistent

masonry quality stone

Cotswold Cream Block Limestone is a traditional, warm cream stone with a medium grain texture and some small clusters of interesting shell and fossil.

This bed is capable of producing in excess of 10,000 tonnes of fine masonry quality stone each year in block up to 1.5 metres high and an individual size of up to 10 tonnes.

The size and highly consistent nature of this block means it has a wide variety of interior and exterior uses including windows, chimneys, coping, walling, flooring and fireplaces.

Physical performance of Cotswold Cream Block Limestone

Apparent density BS EN 1936: 2006

2002 Kg/m3

Breaking load at dowel hole BS EN 13364:2002

1550 N


Pale yellow/cream

Compressive strength BS EN 1926: 2006

12.66 Mpa

Flexural strength BS EN 13161: 2001

2.1 MPa

Geological type

Oolitic Bioclastic Limestone

Maximum size

0.5m3 – 2m3

Open porosity BS EN 1936: 2006


Post freeze/thaw (48 cycles) BS EN 13161:2001

2.6 MPa


Medium grained

Water absorption BS EN 13755: 2002

9.2% (by Wt)