Great Tew Ironstone

Brown and blue vein ironstone available in large dimensional block

Ironstone with a

wide variety of uses

Great Tew Ironstone has a beautiful brown and blue vein. The quarried block is often up to 30 tonnes, which opens up a wide variety of uses, including building and walling stone, architectural details, mullion windows, copings, quoins and flooring. Smaller quarried block is suitable for rockery stone and one-off garden features.

Physical performance of Great Tew Ironstone

Apparent density BS EN 1936:2006

1946 Kg/m3

Breaking load at dowel hole BS EN 13364:2002

2060 N


Orange-brown with dark brown/cream

Compressive strength BS EN 1926:2006

20.15 MPa

Flexural strength BS EN 12372


Maximum size

0.5m3 – 4m3

Open porosity BS EN 1936:2008


Petrographic description

Ferruginous Limestone

Post freeze/thaw (48 cycles) BS EN 1926:2006

19.59 MPa


Medium to course grained

Water absorption BS EN 13755:2008