Creeton Hard White Limestone

A medium grained, uniform freestone with a consistent creamy white colour

Jurassic Limestone for a full range of

internal and external building products

A beautiful pale white limestone in appearance with minimal fossil content, Creeton Hard White will bring a touch of warmth and elegance to your home or project.

A full range of internal uses and features are possible. From shower trays and basins for bathrooms or wet rooms, polished honed flooring and worktops for kitchens and utility rooms to elegantly carved fireplaces and staircases for a living room, boot room or hallway. CHW will add that warmth and sheen whilst reflecting the light of its surroundings.

Used alongside the Silverbed, a full range of external masonry elements and building stones are possible providing a beautiful natural finish to the exterior of your project.

The bed produces some of the largest limestone blocks in the quarry with blocks usually found weighing over 10 tons with a bed height between 1 – 1.3 metres and are readily available.

Physical performance of Creeton Hard White Limestone

Apparent density BS EN 141:1989

2252 Kg/m3


Pale cream/white

Compressive strength BS EN 1926:2006

37.6 MPa

Flexural strength BS EN 12372:2006

3.62 MPa

Maximum size

0.5m3 – 3m3

Open porosity BS EN 141:1989


Petrographic description

Oosparite Limestone

Post freeze/thaw (48 cycles) BS EN 1926:2006

33.2 MPa

Saturation coefficient BS EN 141:1989



Fine to medium grained

Water absorption BS EN 141:1989