Creeton Quarry

Three types of Jurassic Limestone

Creeton Silverbed, Creeton Banded and Creeton Hard White

Jurassic Limestone

Creeton Quarry in Lincolnshire supplies three types of Jurassic Limestone: Creeton Silverbed, Creeton Banded and Creeton Hard White. All three are used extensively in local buildings as well as in traditional limestone areas across Britain.

Creeton Jurassic Limestone can be supplied in block form or cut and finished to the most exacting standards by the expert masons of Building Stone.

Creeton Silverbed

A fine grained stone with a creamy beige colour.


Creeton Banded

A honey or cream stone with a medium grain texture and light intermittent banding.


Creeton Hard White

A medium grained, uniform freestone with a consistent creamy white colour.


GABIONS & Pitching Stone

Sound Jurassic Limestone suitable for gabions and stone pitching.



A range of first class graded Jurassic Limestone aggregates.


Agricultural Lime

Fine Jurassic lime to improve soil structure and crop yield.