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Cotswold limestone for

building, construction and masonry projects

Oathill Cotswold Limestone has been used extensively throughout the UK for restoration and new build projects. It has also been used in major projects in Brazil, America and the Middle East.

Oathill Cotswold Limestone can be supplied in block form or cut and finished to the most exacting standards by the expert masons of Building Stone.


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We have supplied and used both Oathill Gold and cream for upwards of 12 years; it has a proven quality that enables us to have total confidence in the finished product. There are 1,000s of homes in the Cotswold AONB that have been built with this material and the Johnston Group and in particular the Staff at Oathill Quarry always meet our requirements with absolute satisfaction.

Brendan Low // Estimator // Stanley’s Quarry