Silverbed creeton jq group

Creeton Silverbed Limestone

A fine grained stone with a creamy beige colour

Jurassic Limestone block

with a full range of applications

Creeton Silverbed Limestone is a fine grained limestone with a creamy off white colour. It gets its name from the small clusters of fossiliferous shells and mineral veining that can give the impression of flecks of silver within the stones appearance.


Already a popular choice amongst architects, designers, builders and private clients, Silverbed limestone is a practicable choice characterised by its aesthetically good looks, durability and low porosity. Natural stone elements such as cantilever staircases, honed flooring and beautiful carved fireplaces can bring a stunning, long lasting feature to your home or project. A range of building stone and masonry detailing can also provide a warm natural finish to the exterior of your home.

The quarried block is readily available in a range of weights and sizes to meet all of our customers demands or requirements.

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