Great Tew Quarry

Ironstone from Oxfordshire

A unique

building stone

Great Tew Ironstone from Great Tew Quarry is a unique stone used in renovation and restoration projects as well as new build developments throughout the heart of England.

The Great Tew Estate has always quarried Great Tew Ironstone for its own use. In 2000 the quarry was opened further to satisfy a wider demand. In 2017 a long term extension for the quarry was granted that now gives over 400,000 tons of consented reserves. Geologically, the stone is known as the Marlstone Rock Bed and comprises much of the Middle Lias strata sandwiched between the Upper and Lower Lias clays of the Jurassic age.

The quarry supplied stone for the building of the 17th century cottages and houses in Great Tew, although its use as a building material stretches back much earlier. Indeed, it is possible that Ironstone has been quarried at Great Tew since the construction of the Roman settlement a mile to the south.

Great Tew Quarry has over 20 years of consented reserves.