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Johnston Quarry Group owns and operates Creeton Quarry and Ropsley Quarry both in Lincolnshire, Sarsden Quarry and Great Tew Quarry both in Oxfordshire and Guiting Quarry as well as Oathill Quarry in Gloucestershire. We also own Building Stone, a masonry and stone processing operation based in Oxfordshire.

We supply over 60,000 tons of block stone each year to our stone processing and stone masonry clients. Our reputation is for supplying high quality stone with an unparalleled knowledge and understanding that helps our clients see the best results from our products. We are the largest suppliers of quarried and mined block stone in the south of England

We believe in continuous investment in our people, processes and quarry infrastructure to ensure we can be a reliable partner for our clients as well as operate sustainably so our natural stone can be an asset for generations to come.